Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not myself...

I am basically a nice person. You'll know if I like you.
I'm very extreme, there IS no gray area.
I judge. And form opinions. All the time. But, I do change them too.
I don't do crying.
I laugh when people cry (believe it or not, its kind of a defense mechanism).
I love babies and hate pink.
I'm not a girly girl at all, but lately, I'm told that's changing.
I have nice hair.
I get angry real easy, it goes away real easy too.
I love to read but never find the time.
I. P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.E.
I love blue. And photos.
I eat, drink, breathe music.
Oh, also sleep.
I don't like people who are mean for the heck of it.
I don't like labels.
I hate the word blouse.
I think the world of my family and friends.
I agree with Perplexed, love is underrated.
I'm an eternal optimist.
I CANNOT let go, and do not consider that a weakness.
I'm a shopaholic. And I love shoes, especially pencil heels, even though they rip my feet apart. And sometimes, I buy stuff I know I'm never going to use.
I usually cannot sleep anywhere except my bed in my room, and now, my mattress.
Nine times out of ten, you won't be able to reach me on my phone.
I wish Neil Patrick Harris were straight.
I think alcohol is overrated, that's why I'm sticking to sobriety for the time being.
I love anything to do with art.
I sketch, but mostly, I sketch stuff that only I get.

Currently, I love my wall. Here are pictures. The top right picture on the photo on the left is a caricature of me. I think it looks like me nose up.

That's me for you.

Take it or leave it.