Monday, April 5, 2010


This post is called clarity for very obvious reasons.
I also realize I might've already written a post titled clarity.

Have you guys had one of those days when you know exactly what you want from and exactly what you want in life?

I just did!


perplexed said...

No, never. Still waiting for that day.

So, what is it?

~R~ said...

And...what is it?

Silverstreak said...

I'll let you guys in on a part of it.
I watched How to Train your Dragon the other day, and, for the first time, I actually watched the graphics part rather than follow the movie content, and then I was like, THIS is what I want to be doing in the future, and for a long time afterwards I was quite speechless, and that, if you ask me, is a really big thing!

~R~ said...

Hmm. Yes, that IS a big thing. Woohoo!!
Congratulations on the clarity!!

perplexed said...



Cool shtuff that!! :)