Monday, February 22, 2010

Sending out an SOS

So... I have to make a two minute film/documentary, and I have NO ideas in my head!

I need HELP, y'all!


perplexed said...

OMG.. that's exactly what I was saying 2 weeks ago!!!!

Do you have to shoot it yourself or use footage and pictures?

Coz I have to do one on 'woman's equality and empowerment through technology' - I didn't have much choice in deciding the topic though!!

What is the video for?

Blackfayth said...

John Mayer could be a subject :)

Silverstreak said...

@perplexed - I like the new pic. Experimenting with the Mac, I see. :) I have to shoot my own footage. SO mind blocked right now. I have to choose my topic, create a script and everything.

@Blackfayth - If only. Just help me set up an appointment and we'll be good to go!

~R~ said...

Vague random idea- the making of a live band tour.
Everything that's done to get a concert or a big event going.
Names: 'curtain call', 'backstage pass', will come up with more

perplexed said...

oooh.. I like ~R~'s idea!

Silverstreak said...

I like too.

You know what I was thinking.. a music video. I hope that's allowed. Now please, help me pick a song! :)

perplexed said...

Music video sounds really cool.. I can't think of one right now.. but you know that song strange love by koop? its been playing on repeat in my head for a while now.. :)