Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Yourself

I've been meaning to post something about everything for a really long time, but as soon as I get down to it, something happens and it never happens.
So, in bullets..

- My semester this time is pretty chilled out. This scares me enormously because there have been times when I've had nothing to do and that never happened to me last semester.
- I went to San Francisco. One of the best vacations I've ever been on. If you get the chance, visit the city, its absolutely beautiful!
- My mood swings have been rising high. There are times when I phase out for absolutely no reason. I'm not sure if this is how everyone who's away from home feel (perplexed, do you agree?).
- R and I have decided to ward out all bad karma by being nice to people. R is a very nice person, actually. But lately, she's apparently turned into a monster and I cannot even begin to start to imagine a situation like this. And me, well, when I tried to be nice, people asked me if something was wrong. Sigh. I guess its going to take a whole lot of effort from my side to achieve this. Karma, turn around!
- My intern scene is going bad bad bad! I'm used to being good at whatever I want and this irks me. Maybe I don't want it enough and that's not good at all because right now that should be the only thing I'm supposed to want!
- I really don't know if I'm turning out to be the person I want to be.
- Its finally summer(I hope!) and the sun is out. Yaaiy!
- I wasn't home for K's birthday. I haven't missed her birthday for the last eleven years. Neither has she, my birthday, I mean.
- Sobriety is underhyped.

I had a lot more planned for this post, nothing seems to be coming to me right now.


perplexed said...

Oh yes! My mood swings are extremes.. either too excited or too depressed!! Its all changing now though..

'Sobriety is under-hyped' - I AGREE! I AGREE!!!!

~R~ said...

about mood swings: find something that makes you constantly sane. Like, everytime it happens, listen to only one certain band. And appy fizz. Ah, the memories:)
karma..going good so far, eh? progress?

Silverstreak said...

Lol. @perplexed - Isn't living alone totally overhyped!?

@R - Er.. sometimes its the songs themselves dude..