Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's start off with a poll of sorts.
What do you guys think of a nose piercing? I'm into the whole retro-hippie look right now and was thinking of getting one. I want purple hair ends too, but that'll have to wait because of my slightly paranoid mum. She's a little funny, piercings and tattoos, she won't mind much, but hair colour, OH THE HORROR!

Now, I realize very few of you know what I look like and won't really know how a nose piercing will look on me. OK, so, your take on a nose piercing on anyone, then.

We have good news. Tuesday onwards(my Tuesday, your Wednesday), my posts will come to you from a Macbook Pro. I finally ordered one and that means, if I lose my mind post-tuesday, there are high chances some of you might come across the debris of my old laptop. Why? Because I can (Haha I love saying that!).

I have exams coming up, so I can use all the luck I can get, you guys. Also, finally, on public demand (actually, not. :P), here's the video I've been working on for a class project. Critique please?

Hah, very obviously, 'the one who saved the day' is me, so since you know what I look like now, nose piercing poll, please!

OK, fine, I'm clearly not anonymous anymore.
(Should've thought this through.)


perplexed said...

Awesome video and love the music :)

and NOSE PIERCING???? Painful!!! and well.. its permanent! and you can't ignore it if you want to! if you are sure of it.. go ahead but a slight doubt.. slightest of the slightest doubts then WAIT!

I am fine with the idea of tattoos but piercing.. nooooooo!

Purple hair ends - FUN! Get that! :D

Happy-go-lucky-mostly said...

Duuude! Nice video!! Too many pictures but! I liked route part, where you show all the sign boards. That was cool!!
Music is great!!

And nose piercing.. Seriously, try a fake one first!!
Btw, if you actually go ahead with it.. South Indians have to put it on the left i think! Hehe!

Purple hair sounds awesomE!! Ask RR for tips, she is LAALBAALWALI! :P