Monday, August 4, 2008

I solemnly swear...

So put on a party hat and bring in the new year!! Rather, new academic year!! 

The multiple exclamation marks might lead you to ask one question. 'Why so excited?' If you've watched 'The Dark Knight' you will read the 'Why so...' line in your mind exactly how Joker says 'Why so serious...' That was a very random thought which had no reason to be there. But I felt like it anyway!

Yeah, so if you're still reading this you're probably thinking, 'Why on earth is she happy about college reopening??' To be really honest, the same question is looming in my head, and I am nowhere close to the answer. I woke up this morning, totally sleep deprived and frowning and wondered just what I had done to enrage the gods! But then, as the day passed, the mood started changing. Again, no idea.

Ok digression.. The reason I really began to write this post is that I decided to make resolutions. A little late in the year, I know. But remember the whole 'new academic year' bit?


1. Read. More than last year. More than text books. More than words! (Ah, it was just so tempting to add the last bit!)

2. Following 1...get down to finishing Shantaram. I've spent more than 8 months on the book, and nowhere close to finishing it.

3. Do not get involved in anyone's personal life. And even if they ask for your opinion, pretend like you don't hear them.

4. Get involved in my personal life. :)

5. Learn to keep secrets. 

6. Watch Dexter. I've heard wayy too much about the show!

7. Be extremely candid! Say what you need to, want to, have to say! Its exhilarating! Thank you, John Mayer!

8. Save up and go for an expensive dinner with friends, when all is rainbows and butterflies again! :)

9. Take more photographs wherever I go!

10. Bungee jump! (This has been in all my resolution lists till date.)

11. Tell more people of this blog. Currently, its just you, me and Dupree. No, seriously!

12. Learn a foreign language. 

Ok now I'm running out of things to do in the next 365..Will keep y'all updated as and when I think of stuff!


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