Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I can never write about my A's and K's. Its weird, I can't even if  I want to. Its funny, because no-one know of this blog. And its not fair, because it makes me look chicken(which btw, I am:().

A friend and I were talking about these other blogs where people can actually bring themselves to write about stuff going on in their lives, and in the lives of people around them. My friends would never speak to me again if I ever blogged about their social life. Blogging about random things bout them would probably be flattering, but something like, 'P and K got back...again!', would just get me some very very rude stares! 

Ah and then, there's always the option of blogging about me. If I ever plan on doing that, then I'm pretty darn sure that all the fun will completely be sucked out of my life, and my already flimsy social life will be on a standstill! The most personal thing I can probably say is, 'Yayy I got my hair cut', or something of the sort. *Sigh*

So here's to them, who can blog about anything and everything. I bow to you, because you are truly something else! Cheers!:)


perplexed said...

its quite liberating actually... well, its a different thing to put your entire life on your blog..but writing about it is one way of getting it out of your system.. clearing your head from all the clutter...and no one you know has to know about how weak you are...everyone else in the virtual world sees... but that hardly matters.

and besides, when i'm 80 and bored of knitting on a rocking chair...i think..it'll fun to see my entire life through my blog!

Poof! said...

So I've heard:)
Somehow the reading when I'm 80 does seem like it'll be fun, though. Thanks!