Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I wanted to blog about this earlier but for some reason, kept putting it off. 
Actually, the reason is that its frickin freaky!!!
So, its common knowledge(for anyone knows who me, that is), that I don't pay attention in class. Occasionally there's the doubt-asking, so that the prof believes that I was listening in class so I get my attendance for the hour I wasted. But otherwise, when I'm not discussing current events of importance(gossipping!), I like to draw. OK, enough about that..

Something crazy happened in class a couple of days back!

So, the other day, I was sitting two benches ahead of where I normally sit. And was in the midst of drawing this abstract pattern. Making the long story short, the bell rang and I couldn't complete it. Here's what I drew.


So, the next day, in the midst of my other favourite passtime in class i.e talking, I happened to glance through another friend's notebook. AND HERE'S WHAT SHE'D DRAWN!!!   


I'm serious. I almost had a heart attack when I saw what she'd drawn! It was the same thing!!! The only difference was that she'd drawn more than me. The pictures aren't clear, because the camera on my phone sucks. The day I began to draw this, I wasn't sitting anywhere near her. And after that, I met her only the next day! And there's no way she could've seen my book, because it was safe in my bag!

This was so freaky, I refused to talk to anyone after this happened. Initially, everyone thought this was a gag we were pulling on them, but after they found out that we weren't lying and the freak incident had actually happened out of coincidence, they were convinced that this was the coolest thing they'd ever seen!

I for one, do not think its cool. From any angle.

Its bloody freaky!

Does anyone have any logical explanation for this, because I'm all out of answers?!

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