Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nothing is impossible!

Yeah right! Whoever said this was wrong wrong WRONG!

Here, in my opinion, are some things which are absolutely impossible to accomplish! For me, atleast.

- Using the public transport i.e the local bus to commute in Bangalore, for more than two consecutive days. Whoever disagrees has not travelled from Koramangala to any place after 6 p.m. Holy crap!

- Commuting in Bangalore without losing your mind!

- Sit through an entire day in class without falling asleep. (College reopening soon. *Sigh*)

- Bringing the spirits of Bangaloreans down, blast or no blast!

- Going an entire day without bitching. Impossible.

- Sitting at home, doing nothing, for more than two consecutive days.

- Watch The Dark Knight, and not like it!

- To like hip-hop, and trance. The two genres do not count as music. Period.

- To make plans more than 2 days in advance for anything!

- Spend a day without gossiping. (Spoken like a true woman, eh?)

Yeah, now I'm going to think of an appropriate soundtrack for my mission-impossible.

1 comment:

~anu~ said...

how true! i completely agree with all of these.. the entire list is a list of impossibles. :)