Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OK I am going to try..

So there's this 'Q'. Now, Q is basically everything you've been looking for. Q is funny, though sometimes Q cracks some very stupid jokes. Q is smart, sometimes bookish-ly, mostly otherwise. Q is also quite talented! Q can be very off sometimes, so phased out and indifferent, you can't really figure out what the hell is going on in Q's mind! Q will cheer you up when all seems wrong, Q will compliment you when Q appreciates something about you. Q also gets really worked up before some major event is going to happen. Q has a decent taste in music. 

Q is pretty much happy all the time. Q is crazy, and Q will sometimes do really stupid things. Q will also make you do really stupid things. Q hates when things get complicated, Q really prefers when things are nice and simple.

Q has nice hair!:)

Q is basically awesome!

So, don't you think Q is oh-so perfect?!

Of course you do.

Q is me.

Oh I totally forgot, Q is very very very modest. ;)


Preeti Sharma said...

Q has increased my 'Q'riousity :) The anonymous world of the web is liberating when it comes to talking about things in our lives which we would not have otherwise dared to mention!!

Poof! said...

I wish I could, but like I said, its impossible! How ever liberating it seems, there's still a minute amount of fear, y'know..

rammy said...

Its possible with diplomacy, but that's like chocolate with nuts (messes up the real taste).
Q is indeed, so modest!

Poof! said...

I agree.. I absolutely hate chocolates with nuts. Specially when its on ice cream!