Friday, October 9, 2009


How does the title connect to the post?

Neon --> Neon Lights (like, duh!) --> Lights --> Electricity/Power.

Which now we don't have!

It all began day before yesterday when I thought to myself, Wow, one amazing thing about this place is that there are no power cuts here. That is so awesome. And then I started to think about my Web Tech exam. Which went pretty well, btw, thanks for asking.

Yesterday I was in the library. Yes, the library. My dad's life long dream of his daughter studying in the library has finally come true. Anyway... so I was in the library when V calls me and says that there is no power in the house. Yes! The United States. The motherboard of internet and electricity. But why? Because we didn't pay our electricity bill? But that's because we didn't get an electricity bill. And that was because we didn't make an account with them!

They told us a million things when we got here. Find a nice, cheap house, find two roommates, go to the Indian store, make a bank account, make an account with the credit union. But noone, noone told us to make an account with LAWPD. Hell! Not my friends, not seniors, and definitely not my landlord! Bloody hell!

So I called LAWPD yesterdy and finally made an account, and he said the power will be back on tomorrow (which is today). And the goddamned power IS STILL NOT BACK! I think we are the only people in the history of the country to whom this has happened. Before the bulb was invented, obviously!


Funnier still, V tried to open the door and the door knob comes out when she tries to turn it. And according to google, yesterday was supposed to be a "fantastic" day for me! Well, I'm still waiting.

Oh, and S, you totally made my day today! I love you!!! :)

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