Wednesday, October 28, 2009

City Love

I promise I wont make this sappy or corny or full of stuff about how I miss home.

Well, atleast I'll try not to.

I watched two movies today. After God knows how long! Actually after yesterday. But THAT was after God knows how long! So quick movie reviews!

He's just not that into you - Contrary to the various negative reviews I heard about this one, I actually found this one pretty decent. Minus the Drew Barrymore parts. Those were bullshit. I actually watched it because of my new-found love for Kevin Connolly, but really really liked Justin Long at the end of it. BUT women are not like 'Gigi'. Period.

The AnswerMan - Different. Not great but nice. LOVED Lauren Graham in it. And I kept thinking the protagonist was Dave Coulier, he wasn't.

(500) Days of Summer - Like the narrator says, this is a boy-girl story but it isn't a love story. I liked this one. Very much. Awesome performances and story line and a really really good soundtrack. Watch!

Coraline - Animated. Horror, kind of. Nice. Its got Teri Hatcher playing a kind of witch in it.

Waiting for Shrek 4! According to my Graphics prof, who works at Dreamworks, its the craziest, whackiest Shrek ever! Yaaiy!

I have been geeking out lately. Our latest assignment was Youtube related so I actually go to my homework page to listen to music of late. Also I really want t show off my awesomeness, so please visit this. Much help was provided by my roommate, A. So, much thanks to her!

On the life front, I've decided to give alcohol a well-deserved break, atleast for a month or two. I miss home too much and the tequila consumption really clouds my judgement and makes me do rubbish things to make up for that. And the next morning is always the next evening! So, adios, CH3OH, C2H5OH and the likes. You will not be missed. I bet my roommates will be real glad to read that. But they don't read this, so too bad.

I'm visiting Vegas over the weekend. Think I should push the above break by a week? Or does Vegas come with a default don't-give-a-shit pass? I guess I will let Vegas decide that for itself. And I'm going with two older brothers. Hopefully they will take care of my expenses. :)

I'm going to miss Halloween in LA! Damn!

My friends told me not to stop blogging, but I think I should throw the advice right back at them. So yeah, Ramya and Akaash, give work a break and come with a super post! Go go go!

On a crazy mental note, this is one of my classmates. Looking at his CV really made me question everything! And he's our age! God so did not spend the same amount of time on all of us!

I'm leaving you all with this. Watch the last 4 minutes of the video. Its awesome! I seriously new respect for Surds after this! Look how happy they look!


Mystique said...

I have been told to watch 500 days of summer.

Where's HOME btw?

Silverstreak said...


Home is Bangalore. I miss!

Adi said...

Hate He's just not that into you...Forgot to take 500 days of summer from you today...Me miss home too today... :( And bitch, don't you dare say goodbye to alcohol this week!! I need stories from the're living Vegas for all of us (at least for now...;))

Blackfayth said...

Aah Vegas... been planning a trip there for almost 3 years now. Can't seem to get my bankroll together tho :(

Play a hand or two for me :D

~R~ said...

Goodbye to alcohol?!!!
Dude, I must talk to you before you hit vegas. Must reverse all this that has happened to you!
Talk to you soon!:)
Also, I found purple firecracker on page one:)

Miss M said...

I got dizzy while looking at your friend's CV!

And I feel useless now.