Saturday, October 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day.....not!

Hello readers (those of you who still read this, that is.). :)

A super Diwali to you all! Load up on them sweets, light up them candles, and go nuts with the firecrackers (I love the anar in particular!). Oh, and don't drink and drive!!

I can't believe I actually miss that Hutch used to charge 1 buck a message on Diwali. Seems so trivial compared to 25cents AT&T does!

Happy Diwali again! :)


perplexed said...

Happy Diwali :) My reader had your previous post... Don't worry.. you'll be back here before you know it.. now, go get that carton of beer and celebrate it firangi ishtyle! :) that should cheer you up :)

~R~ said...

Wish you the same. Diwali can be celebrated in multiple ways, including cards:) Go on, be poker face! (ewwwww I can't believe I said that!)