Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who Says? (Stuff we hear in my house - 2)

(A's birthday. Everyone is standing for a photo.)
Camera-person: Cheeeeeese.
V: Shit. Who dropped cake on the floor!?

M: OK, I gotta leave, lab work to be done.
D: Say hi to R and go, she'll be here in a bit.
M: Give me her number, I'll call her and tell her.

*nice way to get a girl's number, what say??*

R gets a call from M, as he's leaving.
R: Yeah, dude.
R: WHAT!!!? *hangs up*
R: M opened 301 thinking it was the exit and he saw people doing it!!
Boys in room: thinking of different ways to say OOOPPS!

A(on Skype, to her friends back home who've all met up to wish her, and who is completely unaware that her living room is currently filled with people ready to surprise her) : Shit all of you are here!!
Everyone in the other room (LOUDLY!): DAMN!!
A: ???

In other news, I was on my way to Graphics class last evening. And I see this huge flyer up at school saying its Porn Week at school! WTF!?

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