Monday, January 12, 2009

I changed my display name.

I am now Ping!

Reason for this being, I just realized poof does not just mean to vanish suddenly. It also means this, which I most certainly am not, no offense to anyone.

Signing off as ping.. till I find alternative inappropriate meanings!



rammy said...

hahahaha!! wow i didn't know poof meant that!
Go ping!

Iceman said...

All hail the new lord of the Ping

Ping said...

My precious! I call dibs on Viggo Mortensen!!

@Rammy - neither did I! You should see this btw,

I couldn't stop laughing!

perplexed said...

haha! i just checked it out.. i couldn't stop laughing!

anyhoo Ping has a better ring to it than poof! don't ya think?

Ping said...

Lol, the site's got hilarious meanings for some Indian names! Its really funny!

Poof had the whole vanishing effect, y'know. The magic wand and poof!...oh my God I'm getting into technicalities!!

Ping is good!