Monday, January 5, 2009

A more detailed explanation of the word 'balance'

My resolution for this post is not to use the word awes***, however tempted I might be.

Hello to you all, from the dark side of the moon!:)

I had a wonderful New Years day, I hope you all did too. Its all quite blurry, I met some new people, and made some new friends, but I don't remember most of it. But it was good. The next day wasn't though. Oh, it was horrible. All I could think of the entire day was, Party Smart. Some kinda antidote to hangovers. I'm still not sure what exactly it was and how exactly it worked, but that's the only thing I could think of.

You know every year I wake up on January 1st and base my entire year on how that first day goes. The first person I speak to, the first song I listen to, blah blah (This year it was R, and the song was I love the whole world:) ), and I think to myself the year's going to be good! (Note I did not use the 'A' word!) But somehow almost always, something else happens, something not so good, maybe not to you though, which leaves you wondering why its so unfair for some others not to have the perfect new year! For instance, I was just looking back and thinking how I had a great time and then I read this. It's just too sad, and the scary part is, a similar thing happened to a couple of friends two years back. They're all hale and hearty though *knock on wood*.

Another great thing about New Year this year is that one of my best friends came down to Bangalore! The crappy part, wait-for-it, is that he'll have to go back soon!

My friends just told me they're taking off to Goa, which is absolutely wow for them! But kinda sucky for me, as I'm left pretty plan-less for the next week!

Good part - The TV shows will be starting again, Gossip Girl(Jan 5), HIMYM, Scrubs(Jan 6), Grey's Anatomy(Jan 9) (sigh its been too long and yes you're all welcome.). Sucky part - Ok its not earth shattering, really, but I'll get to watc it a day late( OH THE HORROR!!!). OK mybe I kinda pushed it.

Anyways, the point I was trying to make, everything just turned into a coin, with the two sides and all that jazz. There's going to be the good, there's going to be the not-so-good! There's going to be the tears, but there definitely will be the laughs. Theres going to be times you want to kill yourself because of the torturous boredom and there're going to be times you're having so much fun you just want it all to slow down! And if you're one of those lucky ones, all these good things are going to be happening in exorbitant doses, I tell you!:) If something bad just happened, let it sink and forget it, because something good is on its way! And whatever did happen happened for a reason, you'll see! Take it all in, as it comes, and exhale! Life is too WOW to be upset about anything!

Good night!:)

PS- why is everyone taking off to Goa!!!??
And youtube I love the whole world. Its way too cute!


perplexed said...

Oh yeah..grey's is back!! n so is Gossip Girl.. can't wait!! :)

Poof! said...

Lol, the Gossip Girl episode was just about OK, but Chuck Bass completely outdid himself!