Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In Rachel Green's words, I've watched them all, I'm a big fan!

My holidays have been super boring, so far, with the exception of maybe two days.

So, its a serious hurray for downloads, which really saved my life! I have turned into the ultimate movie buff, at the rate of two-three movies a day.

The must-watch ones:

1. Elizabethtown - starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Nice movie, very feel good ending, brilliant background score! Its about this dude who's lost just about everything in his life and his story henceforth.

2. Beetlejuice - Alec Baldwin, Catherine O'Hara. Yes, I only just watched it, to those of you who just gave me a look of disappointment! But to those of you who haven't, watch it. The movie is really really old, a fantasy fiction, with Winona Ryder in her teens, and Alec Baldwin with absolutely no sarcasm!

3. The Nightmare before Christmas - I'm completely rediscovering Tim Burton. Another fantasy fiction animated part musical. A movie about a Jack o Lantern who discovers Christmas.

4. The Darjeeling Limited - Still in the middle of this one. Starring Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody nd Jason Schwartzman, a story of three brothers on a journey through India, with a hidden mission that only Owen Wilson knows.

5. Definitely, Maybe - Ryan Reynolds. Very very very cute! A story of how dad met mom, as told to the daughter. Brilliant performances.

The OK-you-can-skip-it-if-you-have-something-else-to-do list:

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I downloaded this one because of Jason Segel. And Mila Kunis. It stars the two and Kristen Bell (XOXO Gosip Girl). OK movie. Its a very very predictable movie, but parts of it are nice, and parts of it are completely unnecessary(by parts, I mean parts of the human anatomy...male!).

2. High Fidelity - John Cusack. Old movie. OK movie. Good music. But feel good factor in the end. All could think of after watching this was, there's some hope left for the dudes in the world!

3. Alfie - If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you've probably seen a much more awesome version of Alfie in Barney Stinson- What up!! The story of a womanizer, impeccably dressed, almost always in suits! When I watched it, I was going, oh my God, Jude Law is so Barney!!

4. Jack and Jill vs. The World - This one was nice, actually. But not a must-watch. Starring Freddie Prinze Jr. Watch it.

The ones you can safely skip:

1. Happy go-lucky - Set in London, this movie's about a woman, who's completely oblivious to what actually happens in life. It received reallt high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but I couldn't sit through it. May you could, though.

The ones I want to watch:

1. James and The Giant Peach - Download nearly complete! Yippieeeee!:)
2. Marley and Me - Stupid fake torrent.
3. Rachel getting married
4. Nick and Norah's infinite playlist
5. The Reader
6. The Curious case of Benjamin Button
7. Last chance, Harvey
8. Bride Wars

Phew, looks like the rest of my holidays are set!:)

Reviews are welcome!

PS - Also, check this out. Its AWESOME!!


perplexed said...

I just loved Orlando bloom in elizabethtown! :) he just looks super cute!!

Poof! said...

He does, yeah!! In Pirates too!

rammy said...

Wow! Quite a list!
You forgot slumdog millionaire! And Watch before sunrise, its a very different but very beautiful movie!

Ping said...

So I've heard! So I've heard =P