Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And here we go again...

College reopened yesterday.

Minute to mourn.

An ex-President died last evening.

More mourning.

Colleges didn't declare a HOLIDAY!!

OK, I can't even start mourning there, because it'll go on forever.

Finally, in the final semester, which means college only three days a week! A three day week is seriously God-sent! Its so worth going through three and a half years to finally reach Heaven.

Minute to thank God.

I finally caught Slumdog(twice!) and I'm IN LOVE with Jamal Malik! Which includes young Jamal, middle Jamal and old Jamal. Especially old Jamal! Dev Patel is so adorably cute in the movie and the dance sequence in Jai Ho makes him even more adorable! And his ears.. oh his ears are just so cute.. OK I sound too girly there, so lets skip the lame stuff and go back to the land where I am cool!


There was just one resolution I made for the new year this time around which was to turn 22 in style, and be happy in the process! I did not exactly handle 21 very well. The day before my 21st birthday was a disaster, and only in this blog will I admit this. I cried. And I have a
no crying in front of people rule. Ah, how I hate growing older. And 21 is ooooooold! Sigh. My birthday was great though, thank to my friends.
And here we are. Its nearly a year later, and I turn the big two two in a couple of weeks. So I decided to make more resolutions!

1. I will be a little more selfish.
2. I will be a little more nice to those I like and a little more rude to those I don't. Watch out!
3. I will not attend college too much!
4. I will meet interesting new people and make new friends!
5. I will do a little bit of everything this semester(and year).
6. Short term: I will watch Luck by Chance.
7. I will go to Udaipur.
8. I will be one AWESOME 22 year old!

On a more serious note, I personally feel the whole Sriram Sena group must be castrated! Violation and molestation and then the dude says there's nothing wrong in apologizing, so I will. What the F*@#!!! Fuc*$ng as$holes! Who on bloody earth do they think they are! I was furious when I saw the news! And considering this happened in India, these bastar%s will get away scot free. Its so bloody unfair! I hope they're hung. Aaaaarrrgghh!!

And also this whole Amitabh scandal with Slumdog. Man, the dude lives in a mansion and he talks about negative portrayal of India! Seriously!!? More than half of the country's population lives below the poverty line, and the FIRST thing a person sees when he lands in Bombay is the Dharavi slum. Obviously this is the first impression anyone gets of the country. And any movie is made by exploiting some central fact. Take Black itself. A deaf, dumb and blind kid was portrayed. Anyone could've argued that the child's condition was exploited. But obviously a healthy kid couldn't've been used. The dude's wife and best friend are into politics. Ask him to get them to do something so the country's condition is improved! Bloody.

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