Thursday, January 15, 2009

The very-delayed rant

I hope the people who this is directed towards do not read this.

Actually, heck I hope they do!!

Why!? Why is it so bloody hard for a person to make a decision! Its easy to decide really, mostly, its only a decision between two words. Yes and no. Seriously, it couldn't get easier! And clearly there is no, lets see, I don't know, I'll tell you later. When you can easily get a yes or no, why would you give me an answer that completely pisses me off!

And then, there's the other thing! When all you have to do is open your mouth and say something, why would you not? Its easy, you learnt how to speak when you were three, you've been doing it ever since, so why can't you grow some balls and say those three monosyllabic words! And in an instant, you'll get one of the two aforementioned words as answers. Really, its that simple. Gaaah!


Ah that felt better.

On a lighter note, I watched a nice movie today. The Royal Tenenbaums. I'm loving Owen Wilson even more these days(I love his nose!), plus Wes Anderson kinda rocks! Watch it.

P S - The three words, if you were wondering, are NOT, I love you or I am sorry. Lol.


Soundarya said...

Hehe! I get! :)

Arunima said...

I am wondering what could those words be?

Arunima said...

I don't know?

Ping said...

Lol. Can I go? So simple!

rammy said...

Blogging helps deal with everything.
You know, that entire post could be interpreted in SUCH a different manner.
Good luck:)

rammy said...

LOL. good luck!
and that entire post could be interpreted in such a different manner!!! Lol.

Iceman said...

Is it 'I heart you' ?? :D :P

lol..lemme guess is the person a Gemini?(Not that I believe in that stuff)!

Ping said...

@Rammy - I just re-read it and yes, could be very wrongly interpreted!

@Iceman - Nope, like I said before, it actually just is, Can I go? Lol. And, nope, not a Gemini either!

Shimmer said...

Yes or No, 2 simple wrds.. but tough to chose btw them .. lol

Ping said...

Trust me when I say this, it was the easiest decision here! Could've landed my friends and me in Goa!!