Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A big shout-out going out to...

Sarcastica - Wow! I just came across her blog, and I loved it! She's just 19, and of late, very very pregnant! I loved the way she writes, very neat. Go check it out!

Marley and Me - I *heart* the movie!!! The doggie is just soooo cute!! And contrary to the initial hype, the movie is less about Jennifer Aniston and more about Owen Wilson. And the doggie! Plus it has Eric Dane a.k.a McSteamy in it!

Coin runner in Funky stadium - is the best passtime ever! The burrow rocks! Closely followed by Guitar Hero! Which is super-awesome!

S - for buying what she did! I'm too proud of you for having done it!

Ben Lee - Catch my disease is the most feel-good song of the season. And it was featured on Scrubs, the latest season. Which made me feel-even-more-good!

Scrubs -The latest season is definitely better than season 7, which was bull crap! Plus it has Courtney Cox in it! Woohoo! Three cheers to Bill Lawrence!

Pregnancy - My CN tacher is pregnant, and she hates me, so I won't have to look at her face in the final semester *fingers crossed* God is awesome!!

Ed Westwick - *all hail*

and finally,
A R Rahman - for winning the Golden Globe. I still have to watch Slumdog Millionaire, though. Can't wait!!


perplexed said...

Marley & me has eric dane??... wow!! I have gotta watch this one then!

n slumdog millionaire is good! don't miss it!

Ping said...

Lol, and his character's nearly the same!:)
Yeah, I can't wait to watch Slumdog Millionaire, have heard too much about it!

Sarcastica said...

Thank you so much for the shout out :D

And I can't wait to see Marley & Me!

Ping said...

You're welcome:) I loved your blog, I guess you figured that out, lol.