Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Allusion to you-wont-believe-what

She saw it standing, and heard it growl,
she knew it would be soon, it was on the prowl.
This was it, she thought to herself, and she came,
out into the open, it was either's to claim.

The one thing it wanted, the one she had,
she would not surrender, that drove the beast mad!
This has to finish now, she said, and she took,
it into her hands, and gave it one last look.

The beast could see absolutely nothing but red,
just one more thing to knock off, and she would be dead,
then there would be nothing between it and what she held.
Then she threw her head back and yelled!

It charged towards her, with the aim to kill,
to throw her off the face of the earth, with no particular skill,
and just when it was about to sink its claws into her skin,
she had suddenly jumped up, and it felt a blow at its chin!

In its vain it had forgotten that she had the brains,
however strong it might've been, it could still feel the pain,
she had planned it in her head, and it was going to be slain,
the beast had to fall, come thunderstorm or rain!

She jumped upon his back with the knife in her hand,
and plunged it deep into its flesh, until it couldn't stand.
It turned around in pain and jerked and threw her off its back,
she recovered as she fell and stood, this was no time to slack!

She lunged herself towards the beast once again, and this time,
it was the heart she aimed for, to miss it would be a crime.
she stabbed until it was still, and then she stood to see,
to look, to absorb, to admire, to taken in, this mental deed!

She looked downwards at her conquest, and thanked her lucky stars.
She unlocked her fists and let fall to the ground that 'thing' that they fought for.
She started to walk, her head held high, for it was her win tonight.
It was so on, she said, from now on, no flight, just fight!

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