Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There's something about Tom

I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today.

Verdict: Worth a watch. Not SUPERB, but decent. Some totally made up situations, some unnecessary scenes, some left-out stuff, but altogether very entertaining. Very average performance by Ginny Weasley though, and the characters of Remus Lupin, Tonks and even Snape were totally wasted.

Tom Felton. Draco Malfoy. BRILLIANT. He's the reason you should be watching the movie. The dude is just so Malfoy, and has done an EXCELLENT job. Brooding, mysterious, self-involved, frustrated. He's wow. And he's so dark and dangerous, you totally want him. I usually catch Potter flicks for the Weasley twins (such a disappointment in this movie, btw) and Rupert Grint, Won-Won, in this movie, but Draco Malfoy overshadows them all, even Harry Potter. I've never been a Radcliffe fan, but I've always rooted for the good guys in the series. Watching Felton as Malfoy in this movie, you almost just want him to succeed and kill Dumbledoor. No, really! And knowing how the series ends, it wouldn't be a bad idea to let 'the Dark Lord' deserve a few pats on his back either.

So yeah, watch it. For Malfoy/Felton. And oh yeah, Freddie Stroma a.k.a Cormac McLaggen a.k.a Hermione's pursuer. So yummy!


~R~ said...

How was snape wasted? With the amount of stuff that happens in a typical Harry potter movie, I think that's all the screen space he could've expected to get in this one, what with all the romance going on. I thought Snape was fantastic- as oily and disgusted as ever.

Miss M said...

Okay, Im catching it this weekend!

Silverstreak said...

Exactly, there could've been more Snape, instead of Harry Potter-the dude who cant tie his shoelaces! Lol. I love Snape. Would've loved to see more of him!