Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just so you don't forget.....ME!

Yes. Its official. I'm on a blogger's block. Its not as bad as this dude's though. But I can't think of anything. Its not like I'm super busy or anything. I'm just really really lazy and really really REALLY jobless! I love it!

*What're you doing?*

Quoting Ms. Hide n Seek, "NOTHING!!!!" *yes it does feel great to be able to say that!*

Other than that, I'm quite confused too. Confused about where to go from here. Do an M.S, work for a year, do design, there are just too many forks! And being jobless instigates the thought process with a bang. Thinking does no good either, every night I fall asleep, the same confused soul I woke up as. *help!*

On the movie front, I've been keeping myself busy. So quick reviews:

Bolt: Watch watch watch. Simply ADORABLE. Disney movie. 'Nuf said!

Terminator Salvation: OK. Timepass. Nice effects. Good ol' Arnie makes a special appearance and all!

August Rush: Nice. Predictable. Not super, but decent. Starring Jonathan Rhys Myers. I absolutely loved him in Bend it Like Beckham.

Fireflies in the Garden: Watch. Cryptic and all, but nice. Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts. Also, William Dafoe stars in it(Norman Osbourne from Spiderman). I don't know about you, but I can't somehow stand the guy!

Role Models: Paul Rudd, Sean William Scott. OK. Watch if you're really bored. But they have a land called Kiss-man-thia! And Paul Rudd as Gene Simmons looks really cute!

Hard Candy: Ellen Page. WATCH. IN BIG FAT CAPS. WOW! Ellen Page is just bloody brilliant. Man, new respect for her.

10 Things I hate About You: For the 10th time :) I miss Heath Ledger. Sigh. :'(

Haffun you guys!


~R~ said...

I really liked the part about where your block is not as bad as 'this dude's'. Man, that dude has REALLY got the blogger's block, and BAD.
You're fine. Keep it coming!

Silverstreak said...

Tell me, I mean him, about it!

Akaash said...

Yo! What's with the hate, guys? It's not a block, if you're not even trying to put something up!

Silverstreak said...

Hate? Now where would you get that idea?