Monday, July 27, 2009

My life - The Musical

So I admit, nobody tagged me. I just found this, and liked it and can't sleep so am doing this.

The song post. The song that describes the following parts of my (and when I tag you, your) life.

No, this isn't where you put on your random playlist and the answer to every question is the next song that plays. Here, you get to pick te song. So choose well.

Here goes.

Preeeesenting, my life in music!

Opening credits: Guitar solo to Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Waking up : Beautiful Day - U2

Average day: The View from the afternoon - Arctic Monkeys, Life in Technicolor - Coldplay, Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

First date: Are You Gonna be My girl - Jet

Falling in love: Chasing cars- Snow Patrol, Catch My Disease - Ben Lee, My Rollercaster - Kimya Dawson, Shiver - Coldplay

Love scene: Shine on you, Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd, Slow Dancing in a burning Room - John Mayer, Mother we cant get enough - New Radicals

Fight scene: Surrender - Cheap Trick, Thunderstruck - ACDC, Pump it - Black Eyed Peas

Breaking up: If I didn't like the guy, Freedom- George Michael. If I did, Fix You - Coldplay. =

Getting back together: (not happening) but if.... Somewhere only We Know - Keane

Secret love: Love me Two Times - The Doors, If there's a Rocket, tie me to it - Snow Patrol, Warning Sign - Coldplay

Life's okay: (more like life is awesome!) The Show - Lenka, Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana, Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters

Mental breakdown: hmmm... nothing, really.

Driving: Highway Star - Deep Purple, Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry

Learning a lesson: Don't stop Believing - Journey, Champagne Supernova - Oasis

Deep thought: All kinds of Time - Fountains of Wayne, Be Yourself - Audioslave

Light - Advaita, The Scientist (not for obvious reasons. Just...) - Coldplay

Partying: Calabria, Right Round - Flo Rida

Happy dance: Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones, Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry, Celebration - Kool and the Gang, Desi Girl - Dostana

Regretting: Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles, The End - The Doors

Long night alone: Desi Girl - Dostana, I'll Follow You into the Dark - Deathcab for Cutie

Death scene: Rock You like a Hurricane - The Scorpions, (World, Hold on! - Bob Sinclar lol.)

Closing credits: Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve, We're all Alright - Cheap Trick

So, that's done.

I tag -
Footloose Doll.
Vinayak Sapru
Miss M


Miss M said...

Wait now!

My turn to tag you! Just wait!

~R~ said...

Nice. Will do, soon enough.
After a little bit though, cause otherwise my list will be remarkably similar to yours (DAMN, you took off all the songs)

perplexed said...

cool..!! I like this tag! :D

There are so many on your list that would fit in mine too....damn!!Now i Will have to come up with new ones!

Iceman said...

Cool :) I've been tagged on FB for this..but only difference is, you have to list the songs of a single artist.

I am yet to write it, had planned to tag you. If you had only waited :D

Akaash said...

What's the point of tagging me if you've already taken "Desi Girl"? I can't obviously beat that!