Monday, August 3, 2009

How could they do this!!!?

The first story books I read while growing up were Archie comics. By story books I mean, comics (which is what I called them then) and by reading, I mean looking at the illustrations. A major part of my childhood was in my grandmother's house, where my (then a teenager) uncle had a big collection of Archie comics. I'm 22, and to this date am a huge fan. Everytime I travel by train, I make sure I have two new Double Digests with me!

I loved those pin up pages in the comics because then, I would take out my drawing book and proceed to draw and colour them. I've even attempted to send in a few illustrations to the 'Archie comics headquarters' (as I called them lol), but like the other letters I wrote, they never made it past my room.

As you can probably guess, my favourite character (like every other girl's growing up)was Betty Cooper. I loved her! I hated Veronica Lodge for a long time! I never really like Archie; always preferred Jughead. But I always wanted Archie and Betty to end up together!

So, why the this post?

Because I just found out what's going to happen!
THIS is going to happen!! (I know Archie, Betty and Veronica are all 67 year old teenagers, but still this is just too much bad news!!)
The comic is out on August 19th when Archie finally proposes to Veronica. :( :( :(

I always rooted for Betty. They are just comic book characters but how would you feel if suddenly T-Bone was killed off in a Swat Kats episode or if Optimus Prime had ACTUALLY died in Transformers. So unfair!!! And get this, as if this weren't enough, they're going to pair Betty with Jughead!! I agree opposites attract, but COME ON!


Iceman said...

Hehehe..some lady got so upset about it that she wrote a huge (DUMB) article on the Times Life. This was months ago.

Do you really think they will do it? The comics will loose its charm then, the writers can't be so stupid. Letc!

perplexed said...

I read this a few weeks ago... its a dumb idea... i cannot imagine archie married to veronica.. that's cruel!

gja said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was pissed when this piece of news showed up on rediff.

I just hope it won't last.

Sarcastica said...

Oh no! I too was a major Archie comics fan when I was growing up, there was a HUGE pile of them at the cottage. I also rooted for Archie and Betty. I think Veronica was more suited to Reggie. (Omg I completely blanked on how to spell his name so sorry if that's incorrect).

Silverstreak said...

@Iceman - You should read the rediff article in gja's comment.

@perplexed - Yeah, seriously.

@gja - Dude, that article was SO pissing off. Damn that Raja Sen dude!!!

@Sarcastica - Archie shouldn't get either, such a loser!!!

Miss M said...

what! You sure you got the right info?!

Oh no, this CANNOT be happening!

~R~ said...

I read that times life article too..some crazy analysis on how this shows that being the good girl doesn't always get you what you want.
Bah, humbug.