Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few truths about life by Silverstreak B.E

1. The B.E part looks really lame. It looks lamer alongside my actual name.

2. Blue is a beautiful colour. However, blue curacao is most deceiving. Do not order cocktails for their blue colour. They're almost always not very good!

3. This I learnt from a friend. To avoid shoe bites, rub dry soap on the inner soles of your shoes. It really works. :) Now I'm not scared to wear stilettos!

4. Back rubs are AWESOME. I'm so hiring a personal massuese when I'm older and rich. And also a cook. The latter will be necessary.

5. Sometimes, when you cannot eat before an exam, it DOES NOT mean you are anorexic. Someone needs to tell my mother this.

6. Surrender - Cheap Trick, I think will be my theme song in 10 years.

7. It kind of is now too, my parents are pretty darned cool.

8. Advaita are really really REALLY good!

9. You don't need cleavage to get drinks on the house!

10. Belly button piercings do not hurt much. As in, they're less painful than even injections. And I hate injections too. There's a little blood involved though, as in a teensy amount, and that fucks things for a bit. Otherwise its fine.

11. It DOES get better, and people DO forget about it.

12. Girls DO NOT like it when you go up to them when they're carrying a lot of stuff and you ask them, 'Can you carry all that?' We know you mean well but saying 'Do you want help with that?', is received well. Yep. We're weird, like that.

13. Cracking jokes is an amazing way to break the tension. I know, I do it all the time. My jokes are horrible sometimes, though.

14. Noone cares about what you do, so go ahead and have your fun!

15. Taking notes in class never helped. So don't bother.

16. Thinking is baaaaaaad for health. It is. Really.

Thank me later. :)


perplexed said...

#11: i really hope so!

#16: it is!! kind of a late realization that for me!

#14: ;) :D

Silverstreak said...

Lol. We've got the rest of our lives to think, or rather not think, about all that!