Friday, December 4, 2009

Shiny happy people!

Today, it is December the fourth,
yes yes yes, just ten days more!
Finally algos will be over,
never, near me shall it hover!
graphics will work its own miracle,
and then there shall be no more debacles!
I will be done I will be done,
finally I can have some fun!
Winter break will have never been better,
I also bought some funky sweaters!
One down, just two more to go,
kicking some ass is now the flow.

Now, I only wish I could go home.


perplexed said...

:) :) I am reading your posts everyday for the next few days until I feel all happy, positive and until I beat this gloom!!!

airbrakes said...

algos will pass, dont be so glum
time is near, ur in for some fun!
spirits will flow, whiskey and rum
Dec 6 already :0, i better run!