Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Women, sheesh.

I'm sure everyone of you out there has said/heard someone say this.

This post was inspired by my friend, S, the complicated one at Michigan, but is directed towards every woman on this planet.

I don't know what it is about the way our brain works, really. How something as insignificant as a single message can totally turn our day around and change our entire outlook of life. And that message may range from a 600 characters message to a message containing a single, 'Hi'!

Fine, lets put messages aside. A missed call itself has the power to do the outlook changing part! Its absurd, really, the speed at which our brains work in such situations. I really don't know where such massive doses of (stoned) endorphins are stored! And ALL this is brought about by a single entity.


There might be a World War raging, or an hurricane looming around the corner, but when the aforementioned message makes an appearance, all we can think is, 'HE messaged!!', and turn giddy with joy! And, oh my God, the psychoanalysis that's involved in replying! We really might be the next Marie Curie or Condoleezza Rice, or the female version of Cicero, otherwise. But the number of 'what will he think?', and 'what should I say?', and the 'what should I say SO he thinks that?,' is crazy! And if the object of our attention is around, there, wait-for-it, THERE! The rapid transformation into the fifteen year old school girl.

And we hate it. We hate the naivety. At the moment we obviously wouldn't realize it, what with the excessive hormone rush, but the moment 'the moment' passes, that's when it comes. This time, the questions are replaced by, 'what was I thinking?,' 'how could I have been so stupid?,' and 'Man, I wish I could take all that back!!' And then that moment lasts for longer, much longer. And after all that, for the next thirty days or so, we enter the passive phase, where there's no hurt, no regret, no joy, no bliss. Just blah.

And then enters same boy/different boy. Begins: infinite loop.



But then again, its the little joys and the cheap thrills, right?


perplexed said...

lol..I agree with every single statement there! it couldn't have been more accurate! I am somewhat dealing with a similar situation where the boy concerned thinks my brain works over time generating random assumptions! it could be true... but I can't stop over thinking and over analyzing!

anyway...which boy is this about? ;)

Silverstreak said...

Lol. Same situatin, different person. This post is actually about my friend and her/not her boy. :)

perplexed said...

oh..the whole on & off thing I am sure...nobody knows the on & off way of doing it better than me!!! siggghhhh...

but you know what? I would have found the whole steady thing a lil too boring! this is exhausting but kind of worth everything!

~R~ said...

All of it makes me so ANGRY, that boys have the ability to reduce smart, independent women to overanalysing freaks..and the best part is that the boy has NO CLUE!!!
Hmm, which boy is this about?

Silverstreak said...

Coming to the funny part, they NEVER went out. Lol. It was always the confused state!

airbrakes said...

write MOAR!

that was fun to read. and boys feel the same too you know!
ok im not going to feel like a "girl" from now on. I shall commit to the indifference that is expected from us \m/
status quo and the world shall be in equilibrium.

Anurag here ;)