Saturday, December 19, 2009

Break on through to the other side!

Well this post is coming a a little early this year, I think. But a 31st December-1st January would require the routine resolution post.

It is kind of a unbelievably predictable end-of-the-year-oh-my-God-did-I-say-year-I-meant-decade-post. And I'm doing the typing at the most un-me time, 5.30 a.m. I can't sleep. I can actually hear someone walking across my corridor right now. I wonder where she's going; the campus is closed. So is the library; I would know. I should probably sleep.

Ah, well.

Act 1 scene 1

Why 2009 has been a fantastic year!

- I turned 22. Best. Age. Ever.
- Discovering Gokarna.
- And, surviving the car crash to get there!
- Discovering Udaipur.
- And of course, discovering Los Angeles. The Grove, Americana, Hollywood, everything!
- I almost forgot. Discovering, Las wait-for-it Vegas! I just realized there was no post-Vegas post. Haha post-Vegas post sounds funny!
- The piercing. I'm probably going to put up a picture in the morning. I feel like sharing!
- John Mayer. And, Battle Studies.
- Zach Braff. Man, these names are going to be repeated indefinitely on this blog!
- The end of VTU.
- Meeting Perplexed. It seems so long ago, no?
- Inglourious Basterds!
- The living alone experience. (Album coming out soon, lol.)
- Mango Showers!
- The yet-to-come seven days of Christmas!
- The roommates. :)
- John Mayer. Sigh.
- The Victoria Secrets stuff I bought. Well, after all that unavoidable-humping I received from school, I deserved a little pampering, didn't I? Well, to be honest, I don't care if you think otherwise. Its really cutesy and un-pink! Eeeeee! :)
- Leavey library. Yes. I. Said. It. And, dude.

Why the 20-something years have been an AWESOME decade.

- Above.
- Well, we got from younger (read-lame), to older, smarter, awesomer!
- Arctic Monkeys. Deathcab For Cutie. John Mayer. Audioslave. Blue Judy. This list will go on forever.
- This one will too. That 70's Show. Scrubs. Greys Anatomy. Entourage.
- The first laptop. And the first phone.
- Turning 18.
- Facebook.
- Blogger.
- The first piercing!
- The Departed!

Sorry to end this abruptly.

Act 1, Scene 2. December 24th.

A few things are the same. Like, it is still 5.30 am. And I can't sleep.

Everything else is beautiful.
I'M IN THE MOTHERLAND. I'm home home home! And I don't really know if this is jetlag or what, but I don't really care! I'm listening to the new Snow Patrol single, Just Say Yes, and very very happy!

Continuing to why 20-something was an awesome decade!

- I came home for Christmas! I suddenly understand what all those Christmas songs were trying to say!

I cannot think of anything else in that category right now, so lets move on.

Act 1 scene 3.

Why 2010 is going to be a fantabulous year!!

Well, it just is.

You know it and I know it and the entire universe knows its going to be awesome!! So lets do our part and make it totally unbelievable! Its going to take all the positive thinking and being-awesome that's in us and put it out there and see the magic unfold! (Really, what do I sound like right now!?)

Ok, I'm signing off now.


perplexed said...

You sound like the female version of Barney Stinson! :) which is AWESOME! :) you guys must be at the party now, soooo wish I could have met you guys before I left! damn!

2010 is going to be totally awesome.. I can feel it too :) :) Happy new year! :D

Silverstreak said...

Hehe.. thanks! Wish we could've met!!!!!!!

Good luck at Singapore! :)

Happy New Year! :)