Friday, August 14, 2009

How we came from here to HERE

So I thought I need to write a post to explain how the previous post came about.

So once upon a time, there was an awesome girl. She was, as you can guess, pretty darned awesome. There was just one thing wrong with her. She was unsure as to how to amplify this awesomeness. Should I work at Target? Should I go to NIFT? Should I go to USC? Should I do an MBA? So many many ways to make everyone around me benefit from my awesomeness, she thought, and so little time. She then decided to work at Target.

Ah, but there's another secret flaw this awesome girl possessed. That was that she thought too much. And too much at that. She analysed. And then she analyzed. (Note the differences in spelling.) And then she spent some more time doing that. And then she decided to go to LA. Then she filled in her forms and she was ready to go, but for her visa. She began to think again. She thought and thought and then her cousin told her that Vegas was 350 kms from LA. Ah, she thought to herself, now lets see who can stop me!? She got her visa and it was a matter of less than 3 weeks before she landed in LA.

I think you might've guessed by now that the awesome girl is in the story is, well, me. And I'm in LA. But here, for all the right reasons. Vegas is just an excuse. I finally decided to do my Masters in Computer Science. So, in two years I might work in wait-for-it, DREAMWORKS. Did I say might? Sorry, I mean will. And all of you will wait till the end of the credits in any animated movie you watch! My plan to take over Apple thus begins!

Oh and btw, its R's birthday today! So wish her if you haven't already. And give her a super big from me. I love you, R!! :) I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. Dude, get smashed.

I tag Akaash to post something. ANYTHING.


perplexed said...

OoooOhh.. so that's how!!

Nice! All the best and have some fun! :) and of course.. keep us posted! :)

Iceman said...

Wow, that was a girly post. But I enjoyd it ;p

Anyway, hey, that's great. Congrats!
I dunno how dreamworks suddenly landed in the picture but it will be great if that happens. Cause I will be taking over pixar by then.

And remember what happens in Vegas...ahh well you know!
Have fun.

And oh happy Bday to R! :)

The Footloose Doll said...

Ooooh like that? That's great. All the very best to you.

And at the risk of sounding like a horrible, shallow, wannabe, my blog stats. now say that I have a reader from LA, California and for some reason I think it's really cool. :D

Miss M said...

And well, vegas is a good enough excuse to move to LA! ;)

Keep us posted with all that is happening in LA.