Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's where I want to be

So its been 2 weeks outside of the city, country and home sweet home, and today it FINALLY hit me that I am in Los Angeles! The reason? It was this.

What are you supposed to be looking at? OK do you see the black box in the middle of the picture? Well if I had a good digicam or a better camera on my phone or if I were closer to the aforementioned black box this is what it would've looked like!

I could see it, I COULD ACTUALLY SEE IT! Then it hit me. I was.. I mean I AM in the same city as John Mayer and George Clooney and particular momen the likes. And at that particular moment all that separated me from them were a couple of dozen miles and security (Security aint gonna stop me from anything, though!)!


You all should be too!


Miss M said...

Having loads of fun I suppose?

Akaash said...

Just caught up with all your post-touchdown posts.

Didn't know you wanted to work in Dreamworks. Will be following how that works out for you.

Also, I don't know how the blog-tagging thing works in LA, but here in India, that is not how we roll. Nevertheless, I'll try squeezing something into my hugely busy schedule ;)

Silverstreak said...

@Miss M - Yes, but I miss home. :(

@Akaash - You can never hear anything I say anyway. :-P And yes, the Ice Age movies in the future will have a teensy bit of my effort too. So you MUST stay till the end of the credits.

Ahem ahem thats not how we roll. Go check Ramya's latest post. That's how we've decided to roll! :) Obey the tag rules!!!