Friday, August 14, 2009

We've moved!

So I've been reading instances where too many people have been moving to Wordpress.

I'm happy (and super duper miffed) to announce that we've moved too.

To LA, that is!

Our further posts will now be from Los Angeles, California.

And, maybe, just maybe if you're lucky, we'll have John Mayer guest blogging!

Me miss you guys terribly. TERRIBLY.


The Footloose Doll said...

You're moving to LA? Job? That is SO fantastic!

Iceman said...


Whose we?

Are you Schizophrenic?


You joined some college in LA?

I'm so confused!

perplexed said...

woohoo! Nice!! :)

But what you doing there?? we need more details! :)

have fun!! :D

Miss M said...


Having fun in LA?

Silverstreak said...

@FLD - Thanks!!!!

@Icemanx - Me and the blog, you dumdum!

@Miss M - Right now there's too much work to do, but I intend to do the fun bits very very soon!

Iceman said...

Ohhh!!! Me Dum-Dum you got Gum-Gum?