Monday, February 9, 2009

Guten TAG!!

I got tagged!!!!:)

I'm changing the rules of this tag a little. You're supposed to pick the sixth picture from your sixth folder and put it up, but there are sub-folders in my Pictures folders and this is all very confusing, so I'm choosing a random folder and picking the 6th picture in that.

Thank you, perplexed, for tagging me:)

This was at BBB's terrace one September evening. Which was awesome! I remember it was September because it was his birthday a few days before that, and we'd spent half the day shopping for his gifts. What you can see here is JJ working the barbeque grill. It took a lot of time, lots of charcoal and many coconut kernels(no idea how that worked!) to get that fire going. Then M came over and the cooking bit commenced. JJ and M did almost all of the cooking and the rest of us had our fill! I admit, I did NO cooking, absolutely. And its kinda better that way. My mother has told me, on more than one occasion, that I must stay out of the kitchen as often as possible(I completely agree with her), and I thought it best to do the same on that day.

Chicken sausages are yummy! Marinated BBQ'd panner is yummier!!

Then the alcohol was brought out. We were all very happy high and dancing and chilling! We all had charcoal on our faces, and looked like we'd just finished our day's work in a train engine! We were on the terrace till we couldn't bear the cold and came back to BBB's house. Whose mom is the coolest mom EVER! Seriously! I have a girl crush on her!! Which mom would be OK with her son calling his friends over all of a sudden and then letting them stay over too?? Not mine!! I mean, my mom is pretty cool and all, but there are lines, that MUST not be crossed!

Anyhoo, the night was fun, and very different, because none of us had done a BBQ party before. Thank you BBB, and hope you throw many more parties!:)

I'd like to tag - Aditi, Iceman and Arunima. Knock yourselves out!

Oh, and Sarcastica too!


Iceman said...

I have never understood that Tagged thingy..I have read it on quite a few blogs!

Somebody please explain!!!!!!!!!!!

Ping said...

Well first you just pick the 6th picture from your 6th image folder and put it up, explaining it.

Then you 'tag' some people to do the same! By tag, you put up on your blog some other bloggers whom you're passing on the tag to who should also do the same.


Iceman said...

I had forgotten to come back and check on this sorry!

Ok I got it now. Will post! :D