Monday, February 16, 2009


Scarlet Johannsen and Ryan Reynold make a super hot couple. Him and Alanis - not so much.

My favourite part of Grey's Anatomy so far have been the last 30 seconds of Season 3 Episode 2. And also the part of the episode where Burke tells Addison his vows.

Fix You is one of the best songs to have EVER been made.

Wish you were here IS the best song ever to have been made.

Dev Patel is ADORABLE!

I think I might've been involved with John Mayer and Eric Dane in my previous life. Romantically. =P

Men in uniform are unbelievably hot! Men, not in uniform, sometimes are too.

Isaiah Washington should be back on Grey's Anatomy, and so should Kate Walsh.

Brad Pitt is an ass. So is Jude Law. Though the latter is incredibly hot!

I cry everytime I watch the last episode of Friends, and the episode in Scrubs where Carla finds out she's pregnant.

Valentine's Day is a big cliché.

Pramod Muthalik must die.

Manmohan Singh should do something which creates some kind of an impact. The good kind. So should Pratibha Patil.

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