Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just, because I felt like!

*guitar solo to Freebird*

I seem to be blogging a lot in my sleep now-a-days!

Hi, its been long.

Things I don't want to be talking about today :
- project (lets call it the horrible P(ee), if you absolutely have to (wow! double parentheses)),
- facebook (no reason),
- .pic format,
- C++ and
- dyslexia. ( I just added that for no reason at all! ;) ).
- Oh, and most importantly, SEGMENTATION, because that has NOTHING to do with the horrible P(ee)! Period.
- Oh, also Star Sitara. Someday you will get what you deserve, bitch at the reception!
- And Poornima, the bitch in the IS dept. I mean, really, who says, 'give' instead of Excuse me!!!!

Notes you should be taking down :

- What goes around comes around! (And you CAN (italicized and capitalized!) get stitched in those unspeakable parts!!) I'd like nothing more than to talk about this, but it could get offensive, and even though its MY blog, I'm not going to. All I can spill is I've never felt happier for something that has nothing to do with me!

- What goes around comes around! Sadly, worked the opposite for me too. Be careful about what you say, especially when the presentation for the aforementioned P(ee) is around. I did some extensive amounts of bitching one day, and the next day, Linus crashed, Windows also crashed, 160 GB of free space! What can I say, God does punish too! :(

What have I been doing? So sweet of you to ask. Well I haven't been redesigning my blog (great job BTW, Perplexed), or analyzing relationships (tell me when you do get the answer, ~R~) or having the naked dream ( at least you aren't in high school anymore, Shenanigans)! I haven't been doing much on the fun front lately, but in spite of the P(ee), I just HAD to drop in and say hi!

Hi!! :)

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~R~ said...

Analysing relationships?
Hmm, true. I always am, I think.

It'll never end.