Monday, March 2, 2009

I have many many drafts lined up, but this day calls for a celebration. You may not think so, you may not know so, but it will be, like it has been for the very many years of your life, the best day ever.

*warning - high adrenaline levels*

The awesomeness levels will peak today, and there will be great unexplained deviations in all natural occurences. Did I say unexplained? Sorry. I meant there will be very obvious no-need-to-be-explained changes in the aforementioned events.(Did I say sorry? Scratch that. The Gods never apologize.)

It is, the happiest, greatest and the one day you all have been waiting for, all year long. It comes once a year, and be glad it does only that one time, because only the most awesome, nay, the AWESOME-ST people can handle the levels of brilliance this day brings. And that number, sad to say, is very less, and carefully hand-picked by yours truly.

It is, my birthday.

And that makes everything self-explanatory.

You may now disperse.


perplexed said...

haha! nice post!


hope you have the awesome-est day ever! :)

~R~ said...






now THAT explains it all!!! I was wracking my brains.

budday girl, enjoy!