Friday, March 13, 2009

You know what's the worst part of going to the beach?

There is no wrong part! That's a trick question!

WRONG! You are totally wrong. The worst part is the following morning, and all the mornings that follow. You don't get up listening to the roaring sound of waves. You don't get up ready to change into your swimsuit ready to go for a swim. You don't get up to see the moon's reflection over the sea (which btw, is one of THE MOST beautiful things I have EVER seen!).

I'm never going to be the same again.

Having got to that, today was actually a decent day. Our project work started out, with us, as usual, feeling like fools! Then it kind of took a turn for the better and we actually did SOMETHING! Which was a first! I then got to meet an old friend and kick his ass! (Which is one of my FAVOURITE pass-times, btw!)

Then we nearly got into an accident! Which I don't want to talk about. Everyone and everything is fine, really. But its just scary that accidents seem to be the highlight of the week. I will blog about that when I feel up to it.

I feel very random at the moment and I'd like to sign of with this message to JJ. PRO----------stitute!

No offense, anyone.

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