Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty in pink?

Chuck Bass (not Ed Westwick). The only dude I can see in a PINK bow-tie and not say, 'Duuuuude, that's gay!'


Iceman said...

I dunno who the hell that guy is, too ignorant to find out before posting also but THAT guy looks reeeeaally gay!

PS:remove the word verification man...its easier for us that way ;P

Ping said...

HEY!!!! You do not get to talk like that about Chuck Bass! Take it back!

perplexed said...

@ioceman: it is Chuck Bass! The one and only! it is so NOT gay!

and moving on...I totally love the whole cat and mouse thing Blair and chuck are playing!! have been youtube-ing them a lot lately!

Iceman said...



Ping said...

That would be like saying Megan Fox is gay.

Oh, wait, boys would enjoy that too! Damn.

P.S - Ed Westwick's girlfriend is super-hot!

Ping said...

@perplexed - I don't like the latest plot though. Chuck and Vanessa totally unexpected and new.

Nate and BLair - blah!!!