Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

Ok, so now I'm relatively jobless and catching up on some TV. And really, I don't know if its me, or has the ad industry really flipped!? And the celebrities in these ads. My God! Some people really have lost their minds!

So here's the list of the 5 most horrendous ads, in my opinion, with the respective celebrities adding to the atrocity!

At no. 5 we have... Aamir Khan! Have you seen the Titan ad? Be yourself, it says. Fine, if I were as rich as Aamir Khan to buy a new watch everyday, depending on my mood, this ad would make total sense. Considering that I'm not that endowed financially, it doesn't. And Aamir is one of my favourite actors. What disappointment! Really, the ad makers here, made some really horrible mistakes. 

Moving on, we have... Madhavan and Vidya Balan. I agree, in the beginning the Airtel ads were kinda cute. Ah, I like the chemistry, you thought to yourself. But then, they kept coming. The sweetness was tolerable at first, but then it got icky! And then the Reliance mobile ad came out and made this one look like scum! There, that was no. 4!

Then at no. 3 we have Saif Ali Khan, and Neha Dhupia! The Ponds ad. With the lame I hope you are happy always, and the leave me alone messages and the equally lame choice between whitish glow and pinkish glow! Ugggghhh!

No. 2 goes to......Aishwarya Rai! The Lux ad. Holy mother of God! Khoobsoorti se kya darna! That has got to be the lamest tagline ever! And the ninja antics in the ad makes you want to tear your hair out! Seriously, they do (its either that, or I'm watching way too much TV, for this to have affected me this bad lol!).

Wait for it.

And finally at no. 1 we have.... Priyanka Chopra! There was close competition between Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra, but then, to be in, not one, but two equally horrible ads, certainly deserved some credit! There was a clear winner!! Firstly, there's the Ponds ad. It leaves you speechless. It truly does. 
Then, we have the Sunsilk ad. What is it with ad makers and martial arts? I hope God sees this as an indirect plea for help and releases a wave of innovation and creativity, the good kind!

And here are the ones that almost made it.
Katrina Kaif - with Veet.
Dhoni - in Pepsi.

One ad worth mentioning here, which is completely nonsensical but brilliantly awesome at the same time, is the Motorola ad, with Abhishek Bachchan! Haha total entertainment! Apdi podu podu podu! 

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