Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Three cheers for Inox and PVR!

Ok so here is the list of movies I hope to catch in my super-short, super-hectic, super-crammed post-6th sem, pre-7th sem break!

Jaane tu..ya jaane na - watched, thoroughly enjoyed. It is the cutest story ever! And if you're a girl, committed or not, crushed out or not, you will totally, and hopelessly fall head over heels in love with Imran Khan! What a cutie!!!

Jaane tu..ya jaane na - no no, I didnt make a mistake here. I am so watching the movie again!!!

Dark Knight - Heath Ledger R.I.P!

Love Story 2050 - Oh this will give Pecos some good business, it will be the get-high-and-laugh-your-guts-out kinda movie!

Ponds white glow/pinkish glow - This one cant be helped. Its a multiple part advertisement which unfortunately cannot be missed if you do some regular TV viewing(which I've mastered!)and everytime leaves you asking for more.....not!!

Yeah so thats about all the movies I can think of right now. I'm in a bigger pickle which calls for my attention, so adios!

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