Friday, June 13, 2008


4th July. American Independence Day. The day that spelt freedom for the American citizens. George Washington made President etc etc..

Well, there will be others too, celebrating freedom on the same day this year. 6th sem engineering students studying under VTU. For, on 4th July, the dreaded externals end!! All the studying, wasting time, tearing one's hair with desperation and the sort will finally pay off and we shall taste freedom! Sweet freedom, without a drop of blood!( that will be the case for the normal people I know. The not-so-normal people, believe me, I know a few, will resort to the usual cutting of body parts.) And it will mean much more to us, than any of the present day Americans, I can assure you, because for them, the day will be anticipated only because it is a national holiday. But for us, the ones who put in not-so-much hard work and not-so-much effort, it will be a day of celebration and gaiety!

Ok I think I went overboard there, but all I wanted to say was this!

I cant wait for the 4th of July!!!!

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