Friday, June 6, 2008

Zoom zoom zoom zooooom! Goes the world!

You know what the world needs? Longer rotation periods. You may react with a huh! Well, its simple really..

1. Longer rotation time would mean longer days. Longer days=Longer nights. Longer nights=More sleep. Yawn...

2. Longer days will be more than 24 hours. And considering I'm 15 days away from my finals, I could really use the extra time.

3. Again, longer days will be longer than 24 hours. More time to watch House. Yes, the last point and this were written roughly in the same time frame. Talk about priorities. Sheesh!

4. More sleep. No, no I'm not repeating point no. 1, it simply means longer afternoon naps:) There's just something about long power naps! Rejuvenating!

5. Longer rotation periods would be a great new discovery, so another lesson to be studied in Geography! Yup, I'm a freak, I love the subject. I can name almost all capitals. But I'll leave that for a whole new post... Or not!

6. Yes, this is my definition of a filler post.

Currently listening to Bob Dylan - Sign On The Window. And lovin' it!

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