Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remember how in Archie comics, Archie and the boys always fall for the hot new female teacher, who always seems to be their art teacher somehow! Growing up in a girls school, I never had a "teacher crush". Nor in college.

*enter 8th semester project guide*

My project guide is just awesome! And my friends and me have this major older dude thing for him! He's well over forty, and he's the smartest dude you would've ever met! He's a scientist (how cool is that!!?) and just wow, and he scares the shit out of me!!! You should see him walk, if he were in a marathon, he would win it, hands down! After lunch, when my friends and me grudgingly crawl back to our project campus, he just walks past us like he's Michael Johnson or something. And this is throughout the day! And he has an answer for EVERYTHING. You try to say something, and all he has to say is, OK, let me put it this way, and you'll just completely forget the point you were trying to make. Me, I'm left speechless when he asks me anything, and that results in the excess garbage that emanates from my mouth! Even scarier is his laugh. Its actually like a mad scientist, or as Phoebe puts it, the plan laugh. Its resounding and you can hear it all the way across the corridor. But he's awesome! I give him the Supreme Awesomeness Certificate! :)

And what doesn't help is that our project progress is like, really slow, and we end up looking like stupid retards to him, who are probably the laziest fools on the planet. And that's not cool. :(


lemonade said...

i hear you on the girls teacher crush thing..

I'm still in the 6th semester, so i guess there's still two more semesters to wait for a cute teacher crush :)

perplexed said...

hehe :)

Reminds me of 10th grade when all of us had a crush on one Arjun sir, he was the basketball coach! The shorts went higher, sleeves rolled up much higher and all those antics to get his attention!

Iceman said...

Chay! I never had a teacher I could have a crush on :(

Ping said...

Project guide, people!

@lemonade - If its engineering you're doing, give up on college teachers. We just had one cute FEMALE teacher, and that didn't help our cause at all. :(

@perplexed - Lol. Oh now that I think of it, we did have a male basketball coach. I found him rather ugly though. Many of my "convent repressed" classmates did crush on him, however!

@iceman - Honestly, the probability of female teachers being cute is much higher than male ones. Look around. :)