Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 1, oops Day 3.


You're up. Check the time. Oops you overslept!! Hurry hurry, run to the bathroom! Quickly there, brush your teeth! Wow! Record time! Snap it up! Quick Shower! Get dressed. Oh no no no, not just any underwear. Today you wear your lucky underwear! And lucky teeshirt and lucky jeans. Carry your lucky pen and wear your lucky socks too! Ok.. You're not hurrying up enough. Five quick gulps of milk and you're off! Oh but wait.. You run back! You didn't say your morning prayers! How could you forget? Especially today! You run out, with your mother yelling, ALL THE BEST!

Book open, you reach the bus stop. Find your usual seat in the bus and start frantically memorizing. Its funny how these last thirty minutes are the most effective! In thirty minutes, you're done with all those chapters which took you eons to just read! Oh and just in time. You're in the hellhole. With fifteen minutes to spare. You're still highly underconfident. So how've you prepared, people ask you. I'm screwed, you say, you? Yeah, we're pretty much in the same situation, they reply. Ok then, all the best, you say and enter class.

Hey! I know this stuff! One and a half hours pass quickly and you emerge looking quite pleased with yourself! How was it, they ask you. Not bad, not bad at all, you say. You sit there listening to the variety of answers people are giving on being asked the same question, and all you can
think of is how comfortable your bed will be when you get home.

NOk I'm home now. Yaawn. End of day 3. not quite the end though. It went better than expected, so I'm calling it a night. Quite literally.

Good night!

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