Saturday, March 15, 2008


That intoxicating smell. The sounds of little droplets falling on the trees. Those flashes of lightning and claps of thunder!
Its that time of the year again!!! Spring!! The only time you feel like waking up in the morning, because you feel oh-so-good! Once you wake up there's no turning back, because the weather's so awesome! You're humming a happy tune in the shower.. Listening to your feel-good playlist on your pod! Smiling!! Shopping like a maniac for the new spring collection! Smiling even more! Yelling hellos to people you don't even talk to..
I cannot tell you how brilliant this feels! My heart actually thuds with every crack of thunder! The smell of the rain gets you so high! Much more than any amount of alcohol! I go down to the road to get soaked! The old women staring from their windows look disapprovingly.. But who cares.. I dance around till my mother yells at me asking me to come back! I prance around a little more, knowing I'm going to get the 'Whats wrong with you, are you crazy' lecture at home. I'm as happy as happy can be! And this is after getting splashed by a car! Dirty water with dry leaves all over my new Tommy Hilfiger tee.. A few random curses were thrown alright, but nothing can beat this new(old)-found-happiness! Woohoo!
I'd always been waiting for some kind of right time to start blogging. I know that sounds lame.. But heck, who cares.. I sure as hell don't!
So its going to be extreme optimism, believing in my awesomeness and did I mention, believing in my awesomeness from now on!? Lol.
This was a good first post then. Well, I think so. So much for randomness.

P.S- To all, those stuck in traffic in the rain, I sympathize.. To all others, rain dance!!

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