Sunday, March 30, 2008

And then comes..

Day 2 - Sunday.

Today I'm studying for sure. Time to study. Wow, I'm all charged up, lets do some studying! These are your thoughts on the Sunday morning prior to the big bad I(nternals). But how can I start without my daily dose of the newspaper. So there goes a half hour, where you edaciously devour the sunday comics. And make the big big mistake of looking at the TV guide. SUNDAY BRUNCH WITH JIM MORRISON, it says! I cant miss this, you say to yourself, no, no, definitely not. So you quickly head back to your room, and get down with your books. Study continuously for 2 hours, so you wont feel guilty for watching the Doors frontman make a complete ass of himself in front of a million people. Don't get me wrong here, I absolutely love The Doors, and watching Jim Morrison live(on TV)is very very appealing! So coming back, you are studying.. You inform everyone you know about this Sunday treat on tv, who love you, and the same time hate you for it, because try as they may, there's no way they're going to miss this! So flip and turn the pages, looking impatiently at the clock. Come 10.45, and miraculously you're done.

I'm taking a break, you tell yourself and your mother. For how long, she asks. An hour or so, you reply, and then its time for serious studying! Unfortunately, the show lasts for a good 3 hours, and you cannot miss it! So you sing Love Me Two Times, and Light My Fire with your dad, listen to his comments about how he listened to such amazing music back then, ridicule him for not knowing the lyrics etc.. Oh by the way, next week its Freddie Mercury!

Then again time for lunch, and today being Sunday is your lets have my weekly looong nice shower day! So by the time you're done with lunch, its 3. While you're at it, you casually turn on the tv, to see that they're airing Friends! Which they do every Sunday. And which you've watched so many times that you practically know the dialogues by heart. But how can I miss Friends, I'll study later. Later comes, and goes. Why? Because you've fallen asleep on the couch! You finally wake up, look at the time and are horrified. What? This can't be! Why didn't you wake me up, you ask your mother? I tried everything, she says.

Now you're mortally terrified you're going to screw up tomorrow, so you run to your room, and send out I can't wait for Wednesday messages. Stifling a yawn, you open your book and get down to do the dirty work. 2 hours you've spent constructively with those huge books which can pass off as pillows. Dinner time again. Today you eat quickly and run back again! By this time , you're exhausted! Why? You've studied for 4 Hours!! Thats big! Thats all, you say to yourself, I cant do it anymore, I'll just write what I know. And you flop into bed.

There ends day 2. Not bad. Not bad at all. Quite constructive actually, if I might add.

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