Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let's call this, what was I thinking?

Wow today has not been a good day. For starters, I had too much coffee (yes, there is such a thing), and have been obsessing over things that don't really matter but actually do but actually don't but actually do, you get my drift.
So I decided to take a break from the aforementioned obsessing, and look at my (sort of) journal. I say sort of because I'm too lazy to actually write a journal, and it's not actually a journal, just a book I decide to update with my whereabouts, what-I-do-abouts, what-I'm-upto-abouts, who/what-I-like-abouts, once or twice a year. Just to keep myself updated with what I was upto, say 10 years back (which is surprising because I actually started writing this when I was 15, NEARLY 9 years!).
Wow I'm pretty embarrassed with my younger, uncool self right about now.

SO, if you decide to read on, you'll know perfection and supreme awesomeness weren't actually inherent, but acquired, and eventually replaced complete and utter lameness.

In the 10th grade:
- I've actually listed my favourite 'musicians' as, among others, JLo (yes, the horror!), Nick Carter and Pavarotti (here I'm pretty sure he was part of a 'We are the World' song I'd heard, because I have never been an opera person!).
- My favourite authors included Francine Pascal. Go Sweet Valley High!
- I hated a Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Caroline, Ms. Ivy, very very VERY mean high school teachers.
- And listed among my favourite movies, is actually a screenplay, my friends, K, A & me wrote (a murder mystery, if you should know), which we called ASK, from our first names. Innovative, right?

I skip to the year my dad gave me his cell phone.
- ASK is STILL in my list of favourite movies. Yeeesh!
- My taste in music has bettered considerably, with the inclusion of RHCP, Nirvana and Linkin Park, and John Mayer made an entrance.
- The list of teachers I hated has gotten wayyy longer.
- I think this was the year I'd fought with my 'rakhi brother', because I've mentioned something vague about it.

We move onto the year I made THE lamest email address in the world (which I will refrain from metioning, for my own self respect). 
- New cell phone number. Third or fourth cell phone.
- I think this was the year I joined college, because I remember having spotted a cute senior and since I didn't know his name, there's a line in this particular entry which says I don't know my crush's name. (proceeds to jump off cliff!)
- My music taste has gotten infinitely better. Yeah this is definitely first year of college, because under music I like, are all the songs that my band covered. I was in a band and stuff, ain't I the shit!? Lol.

Wow, I'm pretty embarrassed with myself right now. I would love to go on and read (and blog about) some more but I think I'm going to now retire to the rock I will be spending the next five years under.

And this! I'm sorry, the 10th grader in me just couldn't resist!


Iceman said...

Haha..nice. Even when I read my old diaries I laugh at how silly I used to be. Same with the email too. My first diary was from 94 and the email was created when I was 12. The email is super silly :D And I still use it.

Believe it or not Britney Spears was in MY list of fav musicians. Simply because I had that high school crush on her rather than for her singing (Which resembles a strangled cat.) Now its Metallica, GNR, IM and the like.. :)

Silverstreak said...

Haha! Britney Spears is like, still the shit man! I'm sure she'll be in your diary of 2011 too! :P