Sunday, July 17, 2011

Avada Kedavra!

I'm a pretty big Potter fan, I'm not saying huge but I love the series. I was really excited when they announced that they would be making movie adaptations of the series, but the first movie was quite a letdown. Change in facts, change in story, skipping several extremely important scenes. Well, the movie wasn't at all bad, but when you've read the book many many times, and sort of know it by heart, watching a movie with some scenes cut off almost seems unforgivable.

Even then, I faithfully watched movie after movie, through books two to seven-part A, each time more disappointed than before. And after reading book 7, I was certain there was no way a movie could screw up an ending already completely screwed up by Mme. Rowling. I mean, COME ON, going to the light, coming back to life (yes, I did just say that!), AND the whole 19 years later bit, I could've written a better ending! Regardless, part one came out, and I watched it, and needless to say, it was very average (story-wise), though I loved the 2D animation done for the Beedle the Bard bit.

So when the trailers for the end came out, I watched it very half heartedly, and very surprisingly found them very interesting. It looked pretty brilliantly actually. And this has been the first HP movie I've been excited for ever since the first one. So today, I went and watched the movie. And. I. Loved. It!

From Neville (who's gotten hot btw!) to Hermione and Aberforth to Lupin, it was all done brilliantly. The story, was ofcourse changed a little, but the effects and all the stuff going on completely covered it up. (I was a little peeved at the change in the Ron-Hermione kiss situation, however! I mean, you have to bring in house-elves there, it's the rule!) Sure, the movie could've had a lot more of Mr. Hottie, Tom Felton (one of the main reasons I watched the movie!), JK could've easily written him into a lot of more scenes, but really, the movie was actually pretty good. And, I actually cried a little, I mean it is the END of the Harry Potter. No more Ron, no more Draco, NO MORE FRED! It all left me a little funny and sad.

I think I'm beginning to digress. Please do watch the movie, it's pretty amazing. It is a bit long but you'll get your money's worth. Oh, and please don't butter your popcorn up too much though, you WILL feel sick later on.

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