Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let the venting commence..

Remember this?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't, because that was a time in my life when I decided let it just be the blog and me. Anyway, now that you've read it, you get the gist.

Note - The tone of the 'author'/blogger is currently that of resentment. Partly against herself, partly against people she knows in her new city of residence.

I function with music. Its true, I really do. I actually do literally eat, drink, breathe, sleep music. I'm NEVER out without my Ipod. I like the music on when I'm sleeping. I sing in the shower. To sum it up in one line (which actually is impossible), music is HUUUGE for me. Like really huge. Like religion. That's right. Music is my religion.

So when I decided to come to the city where I currently reside, I thought to myself, wow! I'm going to be going for some amazing concerts here! There are going to be bands playing here EVERY week. I will finally meet John Mayer! (Which I will, for sure, but you get the drift)

Well, as it turns out, I was right. Partly. There ARE concerts here every week. There ARE shows happening every moment. Things are here and happening every second of the day!

You know the fuck up?

I'm not going for ANY of them! Why?? Not because of lack of resources, nor lack of time, but for lack of, wait-for-it, COMPANY! Yes, I kid you not. Its lack of fucking company.

So, today I get up and I receive an email that Arctic Monkeys are playing at Hollywood. Tonight! Yes! Arctic Monkeys!! I hurriedly check for tickets and find out there aren't any left. OK, this wasn't anyone's fault.

Saturday - September 19th - Porcupine Tree. Barely 2 miles from where I live. When I ask people if they want to come, they go, Porcupine what? I tell them I will give them their music, which is awesome, they go how does that make any sense. CAN YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE HAVEN'T HEARD OF PORCUPINE TREE!!? Other excuses - 'I'm saving up for Metallica.' Which btw, is AFTER FOUR EFFING MONTHS!

October 19th - Snow Patrol.

'Oh I know Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars.'
Hmm, I know, so will you come?

'Oh, I don't know, I haven't heard any other song.'


SERIOUSLY. This one I've decided for, I will go alone if I have to!

This is one of the many instances where I really really REALLY miss my friends back home. I know, for a fact, that if Snow Patrol or Arctic Monkeys or Porcupine Tree were playing in India, we wouldn't miss it! Or for that matter, even if, concerts in India were a frequent thing, I KNOW, they wouldn't say, this will probably happen again, we'll go next time. No, they wouldn't! They would, in fact say, hey 'XYZ's' playing again! Lets go again! That's what they would say! Be it before an exam or anything, I know, if I were in India right now, or better still, if my friends were HERE, I wouldn't be missing Porcupine Tree or even Bryan Adams for that matter!


If any of you back home are reading this, I love you guys, you're the best. No, seriously!


~R~ said...

Well, what can I say?
You need ME there, woman! Fuck!! Yeah, we back home are always numero UNO in this department!! Arctic Monkeys?!!!! JESUS CHRIST!! Imagine! Tonight, Arctic Monkeys, tomorrow, Porcupine tree, day after, snow patrol, next month, metallica! it's the dream life, king size! Four bands, each of which I'll do anything to see!
Hahaha remember deep purple? So few of us went, it was like a date. But still awesome!!! best ever!
You must know two things:
1) Porcupine tree still possible if you haul ass to wherever I say in december:)
2) There do exist people here who don't wanna go for some of these concerts. I think chasing cars has brought about the snow patrol hysteria alone (only in India can SUCH mass hysteria be generated with one song), but there aren't as many takers for Porcupine tree as I'd have liked. I personally know people who aren't the least bit bothered about them or Roger Waters or Axl rose coming (GAG MOI, SERIOUSLY)
However, I know practically EVERYONE who has a brain will go for metallica or even axl rose for that matter. And I do know people who love porcupine tree.

I do know one concert you and I WON'T be going for, no matter how awesome the company gets. With all due respect, Taylor Swift.

Vinayak Sapru said...

Clearly, you need new friends. Or else you can always do what I sometimes do: go out with people from the insti whom you vaguely know, purely for the sake of convenience.