Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conversations with people from the homeland - 1

So I was talking to my mom today. You should know this about my mom. Till about 3 weeks back, she had some thing against technology. No, seriously. She would shoot herself, and she still will, before she ever used/uses a cell phone. And the internet. Sigh.. lets not even go there. She is REALLY smart, but when it comes to technology, she's really indifferent, read stubborn.

So getting back.. Mom finally installed and learnt how to work Skype, why, her precious little girl lives tens of thousands of miles away! She didn't make an ID however, she used it under my dad's ID. Which is why I nearly fainted when I recieved an email from her saying, this is my new email id. Oh my God, I thought, and immediately called her!!

Me: You're going against your principles!!!
Mom: Shut up.
Me: You never wanted to learn or use this shit.
Mom: You people never taught me how to. (which btw, is a total lie. We've tried a million times, she never seemed to want to learn!)
Me: YOU Made an ID??
Mom: Your brother made it for me.
Me: Oh. Finally it makes sense.

Then she proceeds to tell me how I never cared enough to teach her, how I only had time to chill with my friends before I left (which is also untrue, btw!), and how she had asked us so many times but we'd never bothered to make any internet lessons time. (My mother, a liar!)

She then asks me to send her a mail telling her what my bank balance was, on her account. You should heard the pride in her voice when she said the words, 'on my email id!' So I told her to go online and check if she'd received any other emails. I kid you not, I spent half an hour explaining to her how to check her mail. Like I said, such things, my mom refuses to understand. Anything else, she's like the next Einstein!

Then at the end of it all, when I've almost just given up, I ask her, OK so tell me your password, I'll try fixing something.


How can I tell you that?? Its MY password!!

I LOVE my mom!! Seriously!!


Cynic in Wonderland said...

Techno Mamas rock no? Mine discovered text messaging - she would message and then call up to discuss the message. Now she is trying the net, as yours. we should start a club for em.

Roshni said...

Awwww! So cute :)